Current Projects

Artificial Immune System Binary Classifier

This is an ongoing project to develop a binary classifier based on a model of T-Cell cross regulation in the immune system.

Personalized Community Detection

This is a work in progress to scale continuous-time markov models for Infomap community detection on networks to large numbers of nodes. By adding exogenous information in the form of rates on the nodes, detected communities can be personalized to the user's task, such as finding groups of similar papers in information retrieval tasks.

Eigenmood Analysis of Emotional Sentiment on Twitter

This work investigates the possibilities of decomposing the distribution of quantified sentiment (using the Affective Norms for English Words) of large numbers of tweets into informative components. Correlating these components with representative days and other collective behavior. Papers should be coming soon.

Towards a Social SLAM

Inspired by the idea of simultaneous localization and mapping in physical space, this project aims to detect the social space (situations) that a household robot with low resolution sensors must operate in

  • Paper: Francisco, M., Wood, I., Sabanovic, S., & Rocha, L. (2014). Designing a Minimalist Socially Aware Robotic Agent for the Home. In Sayama, H., Rieffel, J., Sebastian, R., Doursat, R., Lipson, H. (Eds.), Artificial Life 14: Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems New York, NY
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Lambda-Calculus Based Model of Autopoiesis

This was a project for my qualifying examination, reproducing Fontana's minimal theory of biology based on randomly-generated, self producing lambda calculus expressions

  • Github:
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Previous Projects

Iterated Spatial Prisoner's Dilemma

This class project was a simple genetic algorithm to evolve strategies to the iterated prisoner's dilemma on networks in order to investigate how network topology changes strategies

  • Github: Coming Soon!
  • Report: Coming Soon!

Complexity Game

This class project simulated a game with rules that lead either to a stable attractor or chaos in order to investigate the entropy of the system

  • Github: Coming Soon!
  • Report: Coming Soon!

Undergraduate Honors Thesis: Vitual Tours in Google Streetview

In this project we combined a virtual reality headset, a Wiimote, and a custom-built treadmill to create virtual tours in Google Streetview.

  • Github: Coming Soon!
  • Report: Coming Soon!
  • Paper: Hu, J., Fadel, G. M., Wood, I., Naieralski, P., & Babu, S. (2011). Prototyping process of a virtual-reality treadmill system for exploration of real world panoramic environments. In P. Bartolo (Ed.), Innovative Developments in Virtual and Physical Prototyping: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping Leiria, Portugal: Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal

Age of Destruction 3

A simple Graphics/Game project written in Java for a Graphics Class

  • Github: Coming Soon!
  • Presentation: Coming Soon!